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A brief selection of books and other sources  - many used in

the preparation of this website



Books about architecture in the Red Rose county

N. Pevsner, The Buildings of England: North Lancashire, Penguin, 1969

If you own only one book it should be your county's volume from this series.

N. Pevsner, The Buildings of England: South Lancashire, Penguin, 1969

Pevsner is opinionated, and all the better for being so!

J. Champness, Lancashire's Architectural Heritage, Lancashire County Planning Department, 1989

A useful guide to the better known buildings of the post-1974 county. Arranged historically.

J. Price, Sharpe, Paley and Austin: A Lancaster Architectural Practice 1836-1942, Centre for North-West Regional Studies, 1998

A scholarly but readable survey of the output of this important, and ever changing Lancaster architectural practice.




Books about parish church architecture

J. Betjeman (rev.updated N. Kerr), Sir John Betjeman's Guide to English Parish Churches, Harper Collins, 1993

Pen portraits that are often idiosyncratic, but always affectionate. A good book to take when exploring an area that is new to you.

S. Jenkins, England's Thousand Best Churches, Penguin, 1999

They are not my thousand best, but included are some that are indisputably the best!

H. Braun, Parish Churches: Their Architectural Development in England, Faber, 1970

An excellent book to get a feel for how churches were built, and why they developed as they did.

E. Smith, O. Cook, G. Hutton, English Parish Churches, Thames & Hudson 1976

An overview that is most useful for the number and quality of its photographs.




Books about the wider architectural context in which churches developed

J. Betjeman, A Pictorial History of English Architecture, Penguin, 1972

A brief summary of the main developments, well illustrated

J. Summerson, Architecture in Britain 1530-1830, Penguin, 1953

A definitive work that still gives a detailed and authoritative view of the period.

P. Kidson, P. Murray, P. Thompson, A History of English Architecture, Harrap, 1962

Later published by Penguin/Pelican this is a useful, if dense, read about the principal architects and styles.

R. Dixon, S. Muthesius, Victorian Architecture, Thames & Hudson, 1978

An very good introduction to the highs (and lows) of the Victorian period in Britain.

A. Service, Edwardian Architecture, Thames & Hudson, 1977

A first rate review of an interesting period in British architecture.

H. S. Goodhart-Rendell, English Architecture since the Regency, Constable, 1953

A ground-breaking book about the period 1820-1934 that influenced many writers on architecture.

B. Fletcher, A History of Architecture on the Comparative Method, Batsford, 1896

A book known to students and laymen, republished many times, and still going strong - mine is the 14th edition from 1948!

L. Archer, E. Smith, Architecture in Britain & Ireland 600-1500 , Harvill, 1999

A chronological account with excellent photographs by Edwin Smith. Includes a useful and extensive gazetteer of sites.



Books about the development and use of stained glass

P. Cowen, A Guide to Stained Glass in Britain, Michael Joseph, 1985

A county-by-county guide to highlights. Has a full and useful introduction.

M. Archer, English Stained Glass, HMSO, 1985

A good, fairly brief look at the development of stained glass in England.




Books about terminology and other details

N. Pevsner, J. Fleming, H. Honour, A Dictionary of Architecture, Penguin, 1966

The title changes slightly with each edition but it remains in print and is authoritative.

J. Harris, J. Lever, Illustrated Glossary of Architecture 850-1830, Faber, 1966

Annotated photographs cross-referenced to an alphabetical list make this easy to use.

National Association of Decorative and Fine Arts Societies, Inside Churches: A Guide to Church Furnishings, Capability Publishing, 1989

A very detailed glossary in line drawings and text by an organisation that is determined we should use the correct terminology. Despite its title it includes architectural features.

D. Attwater, The Penguin Dictionary of Saints, Penguin, 1965

An indispensable book for those interested in a common subject of stained glass.




The church guides consulted in the preparation of this website - thanks to all the authors

St Michael's-on-Wyre: A Short History - author unknown

Poulton-le-Fylde Parish Church: A Short History and Guide - Peter Fox

A Brief Guide to St Peter's Church, Heysham - Arthur Howard

A Goodly Heritage, Ribchester - J.H. Finch, J.S.B. Wallis (illus.)

St Anne's Church Woodplumpton: Its History and Architecture - Peter Sheppard

St John the Baptist Church, Pilling - author unknown

The Parish Church of St Helen, Overton - Rev. Gordon Bellamy

The Church and Parish of Tunstall - Sara Mason, John Cotton (illus.)

A Short History of St Margaret's Church, Hornby - Dr A.J. White, A.B. Ogden (illus.)

St Michael the Archangel, Whittington - author unknown

Melling Church: A History and Guide - Martin Gibson

Barnacre All Saints' Church - author unknown

St Anthony, Cartmel Fell - author unknown

The Parish Church of Saint Cuthbert, Aldingham - author unknown

Tour Guide: St Mary and St Michael's Church, Great Urswick - author unknown

St Mary's Church, Penwortham - Brief History of the Church - author unknown

Historic Walks Around Bleasdale - John Dixon & Jaana Jarvinen - (various churches)

The Parish Church of St Mary Magdalene, Clitheroe - Rev. Canon J.C. Hudson

Clitheroe's Story in a Window of Shields - Robert O. Jones

Visiting St Michael's, Hoole - Rev. Harry Pugh

The Parish Church of Saint Mary & All Saints, Whalley - Rev. H.C. Snape

St Mary's Parish Church, Newchurch-in-Pendle - author unknown

The Church of Saint Helen, Garstang (Churchtown [Kirkland]) - author unknown

Great Harwood Parish Church of St Bartholomew: A Short Guide - author unknown

Notes of the History of St Thomas' Church, Garstang - W.B. Porteus & R.G. Greenall

A Walk Around St Stephen-on-the-Cliffs (Blackpool) - author unknown

The Parish Church of St Bartholomew, Chipping - Rev. Arthur Siddall

St Paul's, Scotforth, 125 - Peter Gedge

St Paul's Church, Caton-with-Littledale - Stephen Spencer (revised and expanded)

St Oswald's Church, Warton: A Guide for the Visitor - R.J. Norman & Arthur Penn






Photographs and text Tony Boughen